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Dear author: Thank you so much for writing for me! I’m always happy for more fic for these lovely, tiny fandoms and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If you have an idea you've been burning to write in one of these fandoms, go right ahead, but if you would like some prompts and some notes about my general likes and dislikes see below.

General likes: Humor. Worldbuilding and research - nothing too intensive, I just love the little details that make the world real. Found families and “us against the world” tropes. In all of these fandoms - happy endings, something where if there’s any angst it’s eventually resolved on a positive note.

General dislikes: Plots revolving around self-harm or suicide. And...that’s about it. Honestly, in these fandoms there’s not too much that would bug me, since these fandoms really run the gamut from silly to tragic to violent to bizarre.

Crossovers: If you want to write a crossover between two (or more?) of the fandoms I've requested, go right ahead! I'd prefer if you didn't bring in any other fandoms though, at least not really prominently, since I may not be familiar with them.

Request 1: Daft Punk
Characters: Thomas Bangalter, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
I love them so much and want all the fic. Fic where they’re two kinda shy guys named Thomas and Guy, fic where they’re robots, alternate universe fic, whatever. If you want to bring in other musicians from the French dance music scene, feel free. And yes, I ship it.

Prompts if you’re in need of inspiration:
1. If Daft Punk are robots, who created them and why? Were they made to be musicians or did they choose their path?
2. What was it like touring with Kanye West and getting that degree of public exposure?
3. Someone nominated Interstella 5555 which reminds me that Thomas and Guy actually have a cameo in the movie. What is their backstory in that universe? Are they involved at all in trying to bring down the evil record empire? Do they narrowly escape being victims of it?

Request 2: Portlandia (TV)
Characters: Any
The world of this show is so delightful - it just has that wonderful bit of magic and whimsy to it. I like that it simultaneously makes me laugh at Portland and makes me want to live there. The characters I nominated are Fred, Carrie, and the Mayor of Portland from the mayor-related sketches, and Toni and Daphne from the feminist bookstore sketches, but if you want to tell a story about some of the other characters (Lance and Nina? Peter and Nance? The Rats?) or just pick some other weird aspect of Pacific Northwest/hipster culture and tell me how it plays out in Portlandia’s Portland, that would be completely awesome too. I would love any story that fits the quirky, humorous tone of the canon, OR a story that takes it more seriously than it probably deserves and fills in some of the gaps.

Prompts if you’re in need of inspiration:
1. Toni and Daphne - I’d love some backstory. How did they get interested in feminism? Were they college students together? Was Daphne always so angry? Why a bookstore, and what challenges did they have getting it off the ground?
2. This formula never gets old: The Mayor thinks Portland should have ______ and tries to get Fred and Carrie to create it. Some potential ideas: some type of market? A cat cafe? A theme park? A logo? Trying to get a specific celebrity to visit Portland?
3. The question we all want to know the answer to: how is Portland coping with the impending Sriracha shortage?

Request 3: Twitch Plays Pokemon (Let’s Play)
Characters: Any
Oh, TPP. It’s such a perfect example of how people can create narrative and meaning out of anything. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of the characters and their quests. This one is also fun because everyone has their own take, and I want to read yours. (But, protip: TVTropes is a pretty good way to brush up on the, er, “canon”.) Although also it would be pretty cool to read a story about an original trainer or other character in one of the TPP ‘verses, since the stories center pretty tightly on one trainer and his Pokemon.

Some prompts if you’re in need of inspiration:
1. I liked the whole “Red, AJ, and their teams hang out after AJ defeats Red” genre of fanworks and would love more in that vein. Which team members get along the best? What’s there to do for fun up on Mt. Silver?
2. What was Red’s team thinking during the endless slog that was Victory Road?
3. Burrito (the Espeon!) hurt/comfort fic is a guaranteed way to melt my heart. So anything detailing the various team members’ opinions of him and how he proves himself. Also you can never go wrong with Attract jokes.

One request here: stick to the Red or Crystal runs please? I stopped following during the Emerald run so I’m not really familiar with Emerald or FireRed lore.

Request 4: Samurai Champloo
Characters: Mugen, Jin, Fuu
Champloo is probably my favorite anime series of all time, because it has everything: amazing worldbuilding, adversarial-->friendship team dynamics, strong musical elements, and a well paced plot that still leaves room for humor. Oh and the BEST fight scenes. Mugen/Jin/Fuu is absolutely my OT3 because of the way they all balance each other out, so anything shippy and/or smutty with the three of them would be awesome if you’re up for it. One request: please don’t kill any of them off. ;_;

Some prompts if you’re in need of inspiration:
1. I would love to see Fuu save the day for once. What kind of situation might Mugen and Jin get into where she has to step in to make things right?
2. We had episodes that dealt with the art and music aspects of this world (graffiti, MCing...) but not one about fashion. What crazy fashion trends exist in the hip-hop/Edo period fusion that is Champloo, and how are our favorite trio involved in starting some of them?
3. Is it weird if I'd kind of like something domestic with them, where they've all met up post-canon and are living together? "Domestic" would have its own special meaning for them of course, and would probably still involve getting into some dust-ups.

Request 5: Silicon Valley
Characters: Any
I just marathoned this show and completely fell in love with it. I feel like every character on the show is an amalgam of several real people that I know and love. They and their interactions are so sweet and hilarious, and I love all the super nerdy jokes. Kind of with Portlandia, there's so much about tech culture to love and to lovingly mock. There is just never enough of this show and so I'd love to read anything that fits into the tone of the show. I'm not super invested in shipping but I do ship basically everything: Richard/Bighead, Richard/Erlich, Dinesh/Gilfoyle, whoever/whatever. Oh, and I ALWAYS want someone to give Richard and/or Bighead a hug. They all need hugs.

Some prompts if you're in need of inspiration:
1. How (and for the love of god, WHY) did they all end up together in Erlich's "incubator"? Did they all get along at the beginning or were there some tensions? 
2. Tell me about some other, less successful app ideas the guys had and let me see them get brutally shut down. I feed on the awkwardness.
3. Of course, the most common complaint about this show is that it's all a bunch of dudes, and I see that and also note that this is the most common complaint about Silicon Valley IRL. Nonetheless, I feel like making one of the main characters female would change a lot about the dynamics of the show. ...and I'd love to see it. How would living with always-a-girl Richard make the other guys squirm? Always-a-girl Gilfoyle? Someone else?


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