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Fandoms & Characters (click to jump to details/prompts!):
1. Spite & Malice - Placebo (Song)
2. Bill & Ted (Movies): Princess Elizabeth, Princess Joanna
3. Sunspring (short film): H1, H2, C
4. Blazing Saddles (1974): Jim "the Waco Kid"
5. Through the Heart (novel concept): Maria Salazar, Hannah Woodridge

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! ♥ I am so excited to see what you create for these fandoms. I love them all so much and have been looking forward to Yuletide all year! Here's a little info about these fandoms and what I'd like (or prefer not) to read about, and some prompts for your inspiration. Hope these are helpful and that you enjoy writing for them!

General Likes:
  • Worldbuilding and backstory
  • Plot and action and casefic
  • Humor and fun, even to the point of crackfic
  • Found family dynamics
  • Conversations and dialogue
  • First meetings and other pivotal character interactions
  • Earn Your Happy Ending trope
  • Shipping and romance
General DNWs (Do Not Wants):
  • Stories that just focus on character introspection rather than interaction or plot
  • Stories that mostly recap scenes from canon (e.g. from a different perspective)
  • Non-canonical suicide or self-harm
  • Different setting AUs
  • Crossovers
Note: If something doesn't show up in my likes or dislikes but you really want to write it and aren't sure if I'll enjoy it, by all means go ahead--whether that happens to be a collection of sonnets, a Twine game, a Five Things, a story in second person POV, a particular kink or trope, or something else I haven’t even thought of yet! Go wild and have fun! Also, (I think it's a requirement for Yuletide anyway? but) I am over 18 and will happily read fics with any rating.

Fandoms and Prompts:

Spite & Malice - Placebo (Song):
Any character
  • Prompt: When I hear this song I imagine a gritty, BDSM-tinged dystopia where everyone is slotted into restrictive social ranks: Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. What is life like in their world? What spurred the revolution and what happens after 'everything will blow tonight'?

  • Likes: This is really an "anything goes" fandom for me. Feel free to write something as explicit, violent, bizarre, etc. as you like. Also, if we matched on this but you have an idea unrelated to my dystopia prompt, go for it!

  • DNWs: Probably unnecessary, but though I'm a huge Placebo fan (and a quick glance at my AO3 would confirm I have written plenty of RPF myself :D) I'd request that you not bring in any elements of Placebo RPF in this case.

Bill and Ted (Movies):
Princess Joanna, Princess Elizabeth
  • Prompt: I want to see the princesses get their own adventure. Learning how to navigate the modern world and rock out with the band! Medieval Ugly Dudes chasing after them in the future! Princess femslash, OT4, sedoretu, or any other shipping combinations are welcome.

  • Likes: Time travel, silly humor, the power of music saving everyone, awkward princesses not sure how modern life works, the princesses getting to save the day. Equally interested in adventures and slice of life. Feel free to bring back any of the other characters from the movies and/or other historical figures!

  • DNWs: Please no sad endings, different-setting AUs (canon-divergent/'What If?' AUs are fine!), or deathfic, and I'd prefer if you didn't include scenes that already happen in the movies - I really want to read a new adventure for them. Also, I feel like the princesses get to play the "damsel in distress" role enough in the movies - I want them to save the day themselves!

Sunspring (short film):
H1, H2, C
  • Prompt: So if you just picked up my letter and haven't seen Sunspring, it's a brilliantly bizarre sci-fi short film featuring Thomas Middleditch as the world's ultimate woobie. ...Oh, and it was written entirely by an AI. (Named Benjamin!)

    So, there are so many directions you could take this. I will shamelessly state that my interests here largely consist of 'some kind of H1 whump and he has to grovel in front of C and maybe there's a dysfunctional OT3 in here somewhere?' but I am also so curious about the hints at worldbuilding we get. What exactly happened/is happening to H1? What kinds of technology exist in their world and how do they affect daily life?

  • Likes: H1 suffering. I am a person of simple needs. Worldbuilding, weirdness, C's cocky personality, H2 angst, all the dysfunctional relationships. Feel free to take this in an E rated direction if you so choose. I would be delighted with either a fic that explains and straightens out all the non-sequiturs, or something as bizarre and bewildering as the original film script. Playing with format and narrative structure could really, really work here.

  • DNWs: Like my note on Spite & Malice, this is probably unnecessary, but since Thomas Middleditch plays H1 in a manner not entirely different from Richard Hendricks, I wanted to mention that I'd prefer that you not bring in any (more) of Richard's characterization. I mean, I love Silicon Valley and poor, sweet Richard, but H1 should get to be his own woobie mess of a person. Would also prefer no different-setting AUs.

Blazing Saddles (1974):
Jim "the Waco Kid"
  • Prompt: I love Gene Wilder, was so saddened to learn of his illness and death, and Jim is one of my favorite characters of his. ♥ I read Jim as gay and would love something about that, perhaps his backstory or something about his relationship with Bart post-movie. Ship fulfillment or forever pining are both okay. What types of swashbuckling adventures do the two of them head off to?

  • Likes: Action, romance, silly humor, fun, but also angst. Jim and Bart kicking ass and defying stereotypes. Bart being clever. Jim being competent. Feel free to break the fourth wall as much as the movie does or not at all, and I'm comfortable with period-typical *ism here especially since it plays such a significant role in what the movie is all about. Also feel free to bring back Lili or any of the other characters!

  • DNWs: Would really prefer no deathfic or different-setting AUs for this one, though you're welcome to have them wander into a different setting post-canon. I did say pining is OK but would still prefer an ending that isn't completely devastating.

Through the Heart (novel concept):
Maria Salazar, Hannah Woodridge
  • Prompt: I'm pretty sure this novel concept from the comic Lucky Penny is the greatest romance that was never written. I mean, it has everything: an independent heroine who has been burned in the past and is afraid to let anyone into her heart again! A stoic badass bounty hunter with a heart of gold! The Old West! Dark secrets! Lasers? I would love to see some "missing scenes" from this novel (yes, you get to decide what's missing) and am particularly interested in action scenes featuring some slow burn Hannah/Maria.

  • Likes: Action, romance, humor. Trust issues. Family fic. You could bring in pre- or post-"canon" scenes as well.

  • DNWs: Would really prefer no sad endings, deathfic, or different-setting AUs for this one.

May you have a wonderful Yuletide,

Date: 2016-10-05 08:12 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] doandroidsdreamofanything
Hi there! In your Sunspring prompt, do you mean Richard Hendricks instead of Richard Mayhew? (Even though I think it's perfectly clear what you mean in context, I looked up Richard Mayhew before I finished reading your prompt and found a wonderful landscape painter instead of the Silicon Valley character.)


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