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Well, Yuletide Author, it looks like this is going to be a sports-filled Yuletide for me, because when I saw these three fandoms were nominated, I couldn’t stop myself. Dear, dear Yuletide Author, whatever you write for me in any of these fandoms will make me so incredibly joyful. So if you have something you want to take and run with idea-wise please ignore everything below and just go for it and have fun!

I’m not going to place any major stipulations on what I do and don’t want to see, but I will unequivocally say that I am totally cool with slash, het, and femslash (although these fandoms are all pretty dude-heavy so I guess only slash applies unless you want to genderswap people) of any and all levels of explicitness, that I only have one major squick and that’s non-canon suicide, that I love humor but I don’t mind dark fic at all as long as everything ends on a happy/uplifting note, and also Fuck The Cardinals, Because They Are Bullshit. (If you are from St. Louis I sincerely apologize. We can still be friends.)

Baseball RPF (Bryce Harper, Jayson Werth) - This is my second year requesting the Nats, because Nats fic makes me so incredibly happy. There were too many Nats-specific characters for me to request them all, so I just picked a couple players I especially love, but feel free to eschew a Harper/Werth focus and write about any and all of the Nats! Some specific things I would love to read more about if you’re in need of a prompt: beards (yes, one of my 2012 gifts was about Nats beards and it was AMAZING but I will never ever be sick of Nats beards), Tony Two Bags Rendon being the cutest, Harper and Werth’s epic friendship, gnome adventures, Adam LaRoche’s farm, Game of Thrones, 2012-era h/c for Stephen Strasburg and his many injuries, no-hitter(!!!), Teddy Wins.

Washington Capitals (Any) - I am totally new to this fandom but I'm really excited about having another DC sports team to follow. So what would make me very happy this Yuletide is for you to write something you love about this team and help me fall in love with them even more. Some things that interest me: the Ovechkin/Backstrom duo, Ovechkin being adorable in general, Russians an Canadians exploring DC, hockey players playing hockey video games, any kinds of crazy A/Us - A/B/O, D/s universe, post-apocalyptic, you name it - as long as there's still hockey being played.

Breaking Madden (Any) - yesssss thank you whoever nominated this; you are godly. I absolutely love Clarence BEEFTANK and want to read everything about him, his childhood, his relations with various players, drinking some milks, BEEFTANK/tinylinebacker on a road trip to find the true heart of America (I ship it too now; thank you MetaFilter). But in no way do I want to limit you to BEEFTANK and BEEFTANK alone, so feel free to write about something else instead. Steve Smith Sr./Cam Newton hateshipping? The agony and ecstasy of Touchdown Tom? Something about one of the Twitter rosters (maybe meta tweet fanfic, like an exploration of the implications of We’re Going to Throw the Ball to Andy)? A crossover with the Tebow CFL Chronicles, since that was nominated too? Yes. Yes to all of those.

Thank you so much for writing for me and may your Yuletide be merry.



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